About Us

Sleep Apnea Solution

Our diagnosis helps  to recover patients form snoring and suffocation.

ICU, CCU, NICU Solutions

We provide ICU, CCU, NICU ventilation and monitoring systems along with all related equipment.

Diagnostic Solutions

Ultra sonogram, ECG machine, X-ray machine, Analyzer and other related equipment solution

Operation Theater Solutions

Complete OT setup eg. OT light, OT Table, anestisia machine, patient monitor and pulse-oxi meter

Welcome to Moon-E-Meen

Trust To Our Commitment

The MOON-E-MEEN LTD has started its activity as an import house for medical.

Instruments since the end of 2001. Now it has opened and established its wings supplying to different Govt. and Non-Govt Private sectors in Bangladesh.

Nature of Business:

Importer, Supplier, Distributor of different medical items. The Company Introduce new medical products in every year. It has very wide & warm Connection to the  Government & Private Health Care Sector and maintain very good contacts with the surgeons, physician, medical technician, and procurement authorities through its marketing personnel.

Area of Activities:

The MOON-E-MEEN LTD is engaged in providing sales & services in following field for medical services It is continuously increasing its involvement in this fields with new & innovative products & services.

ICU,CCU,HDU, NICU, Cath Lab Item & Laboratory Item etc. Diagnostic Item

OT Item related our medical accessories

Business Activities:

Open Bid Tender: MOON-E-MEEN LTD participate different tender of Government, private hospitals & organizations.

Corporate Sale: The MOON-E-MEEN LTD supplies to different government & private hospitals, clinics, local/International organization and private practitioners against orders.

Our motto is ” TRUSTED TO OUR COMMITMENT ” what we belief always.

Our Valued Principals