Message From MD


We MOON-E-MEEN LTD. are very much concern about the social commitment of the medical sector. During the CORONA Period, there were a lot of scarcity of the CORONA based products i;e O2 concentrator machine, Patient Monitor, Invasive/Non-Invasive Ventilator, CPAP/BIPAP machine, Pulse Oximeter, Syringe Pump, Infusion Pump, to sell to the hospital, medical colleges, personal end etc to earn money unethically, but in true sense we didn’t follow any bad way to earn the money from this vulnerable & crisis moment.

What we did??

Eventually, we have followed our previous rules (Trusted to our Commitment).
Our Motto is to help the people & apparently do business. We didn’t increase our products prices in that CORONA pandemic time.

In the all above circumstances,

We didn’t break down our basic principles in the business arena.

Due to Ukraine & Russia wars, all the exporter companies have increased their price by 20% all over the world. Apparently, our prices have increased by 20% also. Though this is a purely professional business-based company but in the social humanity/philanthropic ground, we will never change our motto, not even in the forthcoming days, In Sha Allah!

Thanking You in all respects.

Thanks from,

Md. Akhteruzzaman
Managing Director