Defibrillator (I.on/I.on PRO)

Origin: Brazil


It evaluates, with sophisticated sensors, the patient’s condition, considers the clinical variables and automatically applies the most appropriate shock therapy.

It allows any individual with basic training to perform the care of a victim in cardiac arrest, facilitating and multiplying the possibilities of life- saving.

Just press the single front button and follow the guidance by voice and visual indicators.


The I.on PRO model adds the flexibility of manual operation, allowing the healthcare professional, based on their experience and the ECG curve shown on the device screen, to choose to personalize the treatment application parameters

In the touch screen with excellent contrast and viewing area, the user selects the manual operation mode and then the charge up to 360 J.


Via the SoftDEA application (included), the Auto-Charge Sequence function can charge preset energies for the first, second and third shocks.

Through the 3-lead ECG cable, the I.on can act as an Automated External Defibrillator or ECG monitor, alarming when it detects a cardiac arrest situation.

It has built-in microphone and internal memory allowing digital storage of up to 10 hours of ambient sound.


Reliability – Instramed is a brand present in hundreds of medical organizations on more than 60 countries.

Dependable products developed for the reality of emergency care.

A wide network of dealers providing sales and parts, along with the factory-certified technical assistance, provides excellent post- sales service.

With more than 30 years in the business, Instramed is a manufacturer that maintains stock parts and components even for discontinued products.

I.on intermediate: with LCD display for ECG curve display and additional information.


  • Compatible with 3-lead ECG cable.
  • Biphasic shock up to 360 J.
  • IP56 protection index.
  • Weight of only 1.2 Kg.
  • Three different battery options (rechargeable or disposable).
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Ambient sound recording.
  • Autocheck of functions and battery.
  • Storage of curves and events.
  • Much more economical disposable pads – Not associated with battery or CPR feedback.
  • SoftDEA software is included for connection, download and data management via PC (via USB).
  • Easily switch between automatic and manual modes with a simple touch on the screen (Ion PRO).
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