Baby Warmer (Kangaroo KR-1000)

NOVOS Medical
Origin: Turkey

Technical Details:

Width: 90 cm
Depth: 110 cm
Height (Standard): 185 cm
Height (Adjustable, optional): 188 cm
Mattress size: 70cm x 55 cm
Maximum capacity of bed: 10 kg
Mattress Height (standard): 93 cm
Mattress height (with opt. bed module elevation): 113 cm

Characteristic Specification:
Supply voltage: 220VAC (±10%)
Supply Frequency: 50-60Hz
Bed Tilting: Up to 12˚
Examination Light: LED Lamps
Set temperature (Baby mode): 34-38°C in 0.1°C increments
Heater output: 0-100%, in 10% increments
Skin Temperature Display Range: 18°C -42°C
Temperature measurement accuracy: +/-0, 1°C
Hands free alarm silence: 10 minutes
Pre-warm mode: 30% @>25˚C
40% @ ≤25˚C

Easypuff T-piece resuscitation module (optional):
Peak inspiratory pressure (PIP): 5-7 cmH2O @ 8 L/Min
Positive-end expiratory pressure (PEEP): 1-10 cmH2O
Internal pressure limit (preset): 40 cmH2O
Flow capacity: 5 L/d (min)- 15 L/D (max)
Airway pressure monometer: -20-80 cmH2O
Display range: (±2% of full scale)

Air/O2 Blender (Optional)
Range: 21-100%O2
Accuracy: ± 3% full scale
Flowmeter range: 0-15 lpm
Flow limit range: 0-30 lpm

High Skin Temperature
Low Skin Temperature
High Temperature
Control Baby

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